Tobacco and E-Cigarette Resources

Talk They Hear You
Talk They Hear You

Tobacco Prevention Materials


Websites To Learn More About The Risks Of Smoking:

CDC Health Effects of Smoking

CDC Tobacco Data Statistics

American Cancer Society-The Health Risks of Smoking Tobacco

American Lung Association-The Health Effects

The Truth Initiative-The Harmful Effects of Tobacco


Websites To Learn More About The Risks Of Vaping:

E-Cigarettes-Surgeon General

CDC Quick Facts on the Risks of E-Cigarettes

American Lung Association-The Impact of E-Cigarettes on the Lung

The Truth Initiative-Why Vaping Is An Important Issue

Standford University- Risk of E-Cigarette and Vape Pen Use

Real Cost Campaign with Food and Drug Administration



Don't Blow It! Anti Vaping Campaign message

FDAs PSA on risks of Vaping 2019

Surgeon General's PSA on E-Cigarettes

Public Service Announcement

TED MED Educational Video

"It Goes Fast" PSA

The Real Cost of Vapes

Marketing ENDS Products

Lab Rats


Just the Facts

Peer Pressure

Environmental Risks of ENDS Products

Vaping: The Hit Your Brain Takes



The Ohio Department of Health Cessation Home Page:

From here you can learn about the state quit program. It's FREE to join! And you may qualify for free nicotine patches. You will need to call and talk to a quit coach a number of times in order to receive nicotine patches. The number to call is 1-800-QUIT-NOW. There is also an online option to talk to a quit coach through this program. 

Ohio Department of Health Cessation Home Page

The National Smoke Free resource website:

This is a national resource through the United States Department of Health and Human Services. There are so many (free) resources. You an sign up for their text program, download their app, chat online with a quit coach, and read up on all kinds of tips and helpful strategies.

National Smoke-Free Website

Become an EX:

Another good website with great resources and programming

Become an EX

Tobacco Free Smoking Tips


Quitting Vaping Resources:

My Life, My Quit

A free quit program just for teens in Ohio. This program is focused on helping young people quit vaping. Text or call 855-891-9989 or visit teh website:

My Life, My Quit

This is Quitting

A nationally developed program by the Truth Initiative to help young people quit vaping. It's free to join. Text DITCHJUUL to 88709 to get started. 

This is Quitting

National Smoke-Free resource for Teens

This is a national resource through the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It is specific ot youth/teens and has plenty of tips and helpful resources to help with quitting vaping.

Smoke Free Teen



Parent Coaching: 

What is Parent Coaching? It’s simply working with someone who’s trained to help you through the inevitable hurdles of raising a child. These hurdles might arise at any time, but especially when your family has experienced a major change (such as divorce), or when your child is going through a life transition (such as from junior high to high school).  For more information visit: Beech Acres at Beech Acres/Parent-Coaching